Custom Integration

Due to the advancements in technology, our day-to-day business operations are getting organized, and better work efficiency often results in better profitability. Custom integration is one of those smart advancements of technology that brings work efficiency by integrating multiple tools.

Custom integration allows companies to meet their business requirements. It is a process of connecting multiple software together to ensure their best functioning for your business. Over the years, STS has been using its expertise to provide custom Integration services between standard ERP, tools, and custom software solutions so as to enable seamless functioning of the organization at multiple layers. As connecting multiple layers of software requires an in-depth understanding of the functionalities of the business, data structures, and complexities involved, we at Springtime Software Inc., offer experienced expert consultants to do the feasibility study and advice the best way forward.

All our ERP value addition solutions are integrated with an ERP database that allows data to be pulled (or pushed if needed) from one or many ODBC-compliant databases. This means that we can pull Customer, Shipping addresses, Vendor, Part, Chart of accounts , Work/Job  Order, Sales information directly from your existing systems into  our Add-On application. We have also built integrations across Excel & ERPs like importing customer specific part pricing into ERPs or  integrate Excel based ASN sent by vendor into ERPs receiving tables. We can customize the integration tool to match the exact requirements.


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