Sales Dashboard
  • A web based portal with a GUI (Dashboard) with visibility to Sales numbers. Includes good comparative sales summaries & charts. Sales Dashboard Software is integrated with Visual ERP System and can be customized to use with other ERP systems. Powerful Sales dashboard with drill down to the item level details.

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Powerful Reporting Tool

  • A web based sales dashboard with visibility to sales dollar & quantity numbers using various parameters  (e.g. By Sales representatives, Customers, Parts, Province, Country  etc. ) for any given period with comparison of last year same period
  • Get visibility to your sales number anytime
  • Navigate on numbers from summary to detail level
  • See comparison with previous year, budgets, forecast.
  • Charts with Drill Down
  • Order Back-Log & Open orders by Sales representatives
  • Easy to use graphic interface 
  • Fully Integrated & compatible with VISUAL ERP software
  • Can be customized for other ERP Software 
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Do you know being aware of the exact stats of our work performance motivates us to achieve more?

Having a visual of how much is left to achieve increases the chances of work progress. The sales dashboard is the platform that allows you to monitor your work performance so far. The sales dashboard is a helpful tool that helps you in the decision-making process by showing you the correct performance metrics. 

It is advantageous for both managers and sales representatives. Managers can keep their eye on the exact metrics of their sales team’s work and evaluate the drawbacks and the points that need improvement. Similarly, the sales executive can track their individual performance and can take the relevant actions further.

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Springtime Software Inc. offers a web-based portal with a sales dashboard with visibility to sales charts and numbers. It is integrated with INFOR

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  • Visual ERP system, & it can be customized for other ERP systems. You can access the following details in the dashboard –
  • Sales growth – you will have accurate visibility of the sales revenue with a comparative analysis of quantity/dollar numbers with last year/budgets.
  • Access Anytime / Anywhere – Since it is a browser-based module, you can have access to your sales number any time / anywhere and on any device. 
  • Drill Down by Part / Customer – Drill down your numbers to the actual transaction by Part / Customer.
  • Open Orders / Backlog- the dashboard also shows the open orders and backlog – so that it is easier to take action before it is too late.

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