Customer Portal

customer portal

Save Hours in the day of your Customer Service & Finance Team

  • A secure web based portal where your customers can log in to get status on Sales orders, 
  • Search & download invoices, View & Download customer statements.
  • Reduces phone / Email communication on daily repetitive tasks. 
  • Reduce AR outstanding invoices

Sales dashboard

Graphical representation of sales data

  • A web based sales dashboard with visibility to sales dollar numbers using various parameters  (e.g. By Sales representatives, Customers, Products, Province, Country  etc. ) with respect to sales last year. 
  • Navigate on numbers from summary to detail level
  • Easy to use graphic interface.
  • Integrated: & compatible with VISUAL ERP software
Sales Dashboard

Vendor portal

Improve vendor performance

  • A collaboration tool where buyer, PO approver & supplier collaborate on a web link.  A big time saving opportunity as all the stakeholders are on the same page.  Reduces lead time.
  • Accountability as a PO is released after following internal PO approval process..
  • Pushes PO,  acknowledgements, remit advice automatically. 
  • Visibility to vendor scorecard, 3 way (PO, receiver, AP invoice)  match AP report.
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