10 Web Development Trends To Watch In 2021

Technology is changing rapidly, thus, web developers have to keep themselves updated with the emerging web development trends as it is one of the most significant aspects of the business’s success. Currently, the growing number of sites on the Web is over 1.8 billion. Thus every website has its strategy and concept, whether it is content, digital marketing, web design, and development. Every year web development technology changes that decide the future of web development for web developers and business owners. However, such technologies are not a new thing for big corporations like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. Although for being in the race, it is essential to analyze and implement the required progressive web apps with such business giants. So, if you are targeting technological inventions, e-commerce, digital marketing, etc., for making your organization more successful, then you are at the right spot. In this write-up, we are going to discuss some of the upcoming Web Development Trends to Watch in 2021.

Web Development Trends in 2021

Voice User Interface

Voice UI enables its user to have a spoken interaction with the computers. This strongest web development of 2021 with the help of speech recognition for understanding the spoken commands and answering questions. Even Voice UI is useful for controlling a voice command device. Various industry giants like Amazon, Google observed massive growth in voice recognition technologies. Even the global market of smart speakers is expected to increase by 23% by the end of 2025. In crux, techies enable their users to pass the order and the task gets completed.

One-Page Websites

A one-page website is essentially a single-page website having one HTML page. There will be a single template that relatively produces more traffic and uses little space. Such web development trends make the end-users have a continuous and seamless experience to find out their desired results without switching to multiple pages.

Web Assembly

Web Assembly made its first appearance in 2015 as a portable format for textual assembly language and an executable program. Even designers design it as an interface between the host environment and various programs. Currently, it is grabbing attention as Google gives priority to the best user interface and web performance. It is defined as architecture for web app development that doesn’t depend on any particular program language. It executes the coding task quicker than JavaScript that optimizes the efficiency of the website.

Mobile-first Approach

How does it feel when we needn’t have to use a desktop for browsing a website? The Mobile-first approach makes it possible, as the developers designed websites with the mobile versions. This web development approach has gained a lot of attention over the past few years. Emerging web development approaches need to be a focus on aesthetics. Currently, this trending technology is known to be one of the non-negotiable web development trends of 2021. And, all the credit goes to the rapid growth of smartphone users.

Low Light & Dark Mode UX

Web developers are focusing on color polarity while developing web solutions for their clients. And, this makes Light and dark modes the most trending user interfaces in the last few years. However, it continues to be the best web development trend of 2021 too. Dark modes give an appealing appearance when the users browse the site in the day time. At the same time, the low light mode reduces strain on the eyes of a user. Moreover, specific web applications and sites exhibit the option for switching between the light mode and dark mode user interface for users’ comfort.


Recently, Chatbots is a trending integrated technology of websites. Even the site visitors demanded an automated communication solution for an online conversation with a live human agent using the text-to-text speech method. However, this demand resulted in the development of one of the fantastic web development trends. Chatbots serves the site visitor to have a quick answer to all the queries asked by them. They have inbuilt smart answers to specific common questions; however, they pass the matters on to higher management if necessary. It saves a considerable amount of money and time for business enterprises and customers too.

Progressive Web Applications

PWA’s or Progressive Web Application development is a fantastic technology to the industries by web developers. This application serves its users with an experience of classic websites and native apps. However, PWA performs effectively even after the user works on it offline. Being one of the impressive web development trends of 2021, it has the seamless response of the search made by the visitor. The web designers store the static files of the website in the cache of the web browser. It will show all the desired results when the visitor will browse the site.

3D/ 3-Dimensionals Visuals

Nowadays, website visitors want to have a real-time experience of the products they want to buy. For this, 3D visuals are considered the most popular web software development arena. This technology not only benefits the gaming sites but also leveraging business websites for their profits. It was initially a costly affair, but its benefits like attracting visitors, real-time experience, increased its demand. However, the time has changed, various new technologies making it an affordable web development trend for the companies.

API – The Best Web Design Approach

API or Application Programming Interface is one of the demanding tools used by the Web Development agency for designing websites. This technology enacts as an intermediary that serves as a communication carrier between different software. It takes a request from one system to another and comes back with a response through seamless connectivity. It saves huge Web outsource costs by recycling the codes between the various projects that lead to a high level of stability and speed.

Motion User Interface

Motion UI is the latest featured web development trends of 2021. It is the trending technology used to live the web interface. It is a type of library with a vast number of animations, graphics, etc., that intuitively communicate with the user to focus on what to do next? What he wants? etc. Web developers use this technology for enhancing user engagement with the site content that makes a user have a flawless user experience for a long duration. Let’s Wrap… Undoubtedly, 2020 teaches most of the businesses that they need to operate remotely by utilizing all the latest web development trends of 2021. However, some of the companies required web development agencies for outsourcing such web development tasks for their growth. So, collaborating with Spring Time Software can be the right deal for your web development requirements. As our expert team believes in serving the best web development and design solutions across various industries.