How Mobile Apps Help eCommerce Businesses Develop Faster & Generate More Sales

Speed is synonymous with business success in today’s world, and an e-commerce app development company can help you achieve that speed. For a successful e-commerce business, people focus on advertisements, email strategy, and website optimization. Many of these entrepreneurs forget one crucial thing for the faster development of their e-commerce business: the personalized white-labeled mobile app. 

A personalized mobile app can accelerate the growth of your business to many folds. Enterprises having a mobile app are more in touch with their customers and their needs. This is because they are a click away from their customers. 

Here is some data emphasizing the importance of mobile-centric business in today’s e-commerce ecosystem.

  1. Around 35% of US customers prefer shopping online on their mobile phones.
  2. Even while shopping in stores, the customers tend to compare prices online to get the best deal for the given product.
  3. It is estimated that around 70% of e-commerce sales will be generated via mobile for a given year.
  4. About 50% of e-commerce sales are generated by 10% of its customers.
  5. About 51% of customers on mobile prefer to shop from an app rather than from a website.
Infographic: Mobile E-commerce is up and Poised for Further Growth | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Reasons for developing a mobile app for your e-commerce business:


Rank 1 goes to speed enhancement with mobile app development without any doubt. About 40 percent of total traffic on the web is mobile. Your website is already catering to a larger audience from mobile. Developing a mobile app will help you shift traffic from your website to your mobile app. The shift will help decrease the burden on your website’s server and increase its speed. 

Mobile apps can store data locally, increasing the speed to 1.5 times then accessing the web. This increased speed will help your e-commerce business retain and grow business. Hence developing a mobile app will only cater to that more extensive section of the audience but in a much more improved way. 

Increased brand visibility

As almost everyone in today’s world is into their phones for a significant part of their day, the mobile app makes it easier for customers to connect with the brand. But with these positives come many responsibilities. 

The small screens can bring attention to your brand. They also can irritate the customers if the experience is not smooth. This condition emphasizes getting a professional mobile app development company to help convert your ideal app vision to a beautiful and efficient white-labeled mobile app for your brand.

Higher customer conversion rates

Mobile apps see around 157% more conversion rates than websites. (Source: BUTTON).  When customers purchase a product online, they look for a smoother experience. Mobile apps have many features to ensure that the customers get what they are looking for. Some of the features that can give your business higher customer conversion rates are:

  • Put push notifications to ease and assist with conversations regarding the product. 
  • Make a repository of data to save all the customer’s information for easy and smooth checkout. 

Studies suggest: 

  • The easy checkout and one-click ordering layouts have increased the average cart value. The more accessible payment modes have reduced the abandoned cart value to many degrees. 
  • Only around 20% of shopping carts are abandoned on mobile apps, whereas the website can see up to 68% shopping cart abandonment. 

These pros of a mobile app help e-commerce businesses gain momentum with their growth.

A personalized experience for customers

Hire a mobile app development company capable of making a personalized app. A personalized app gives suggestions to a customer based on their search history. Your app will now help a customer choose from different products. This can enhance customer experience and, in return, increase your revenue. 

You have enough reasons to develop a mobile application for your e-commerce business. The next step is to hire a top mobile app development company. 

Hiring a reliable mobile app development company is a better alternative to a freelancer or getting it developed in-house. A few pros are listed below to help you realize the importance of this decision.

  1. You get a team of experts and an end-to-end project management 
  2. The app development and maintenance gets cost-effective in the long-run
  3. Delivery of your product on time resulting in better ROI 
  4. You get the best UI/UX designers for the best user experience
  5. Less demand on your time 
  6. Handling the legalities and security
  7. Defined processes for supervision of the work 

A mobile app development company looks over the entire project. This includes optimization and round-the-clock maintenance of your website. 

Happy customers mean more revenue for the business!


A mobile app helps an e-commerce business compete with its counterparts more aggressively. Hiring a mobile app development company to take care of your app development will greatly help your business in the competitive market.

Spring Time Software is an eCommerce website development and mobile application development company in Toronto. It provides you with a team of highly experienced mobile app developers and PMP Certified automation consultants to manage your mobile app development project. 


1. What is the cost of getting a mobile app developed for my business?

The mobile app development budget would depend on your requirements, a basic app can cost about $8,000. At the same time, complicated apps can cost over $100,000. 

2. How much time would it take to develop a mobile app?

Top mobile app developers can take anywhere from three months for a simple app to 12 months or more for complex apps. Though for complex apps – it is recommended to go in a phased manner. 

3. How often do I have to update the mobile app?

It depends upon the new technology and the reviews from the customers. Also, it depends on the suggestion of mobile app developers. 

4. How can I secure my mobile app?

Securing your app against any data breach is the work of your mobile app developer. Make sure you put up your request as straight as possible and get your vision manifested. 

5. How can I judge my mobile app’s success?

It entirely depends on you. Set your criteria for success. Be it the number of downloads or the revenue generated. By these different criteria, you can assess the success of your app.


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